An Employee Owned Construction Company

THB Bear Trap HomeTeton Heritage Builders is not your average contractor; we operate under a unique business model as far as the construction industry is concerned.  THB is an employee owned business and very proud of it.  Peter Lee, President of THB, co-founded this company along with his brother in 1996 with the vision to grow a company that not only builds legacy homes, but to grow a company that will be a legacy in the Northern Rockies.

We believe that structuring the business around good people has a lot to do with our success in Jackson, WY and Big Sky, MT.  By giving our employees the option to hold a share of the company we are able to attract a team that takes great personal pride in the projects they are involved with.  In fact, our loyal employees are with us for many years, a deviation from the norm of the ever-changing payroll of most construction businesses.

Bar B Bar by THB

We strive to have good builders as partners and not competitors.  And to that end Teton Heritage Builders fostered an environment that allows individuals to invest themselves in not just one project, but many projects that come together as an impressive company portfolio.  Our attention to detail in building custom homes and commercial buildings comes from a want to uphold a personal and professional reputation along with a desire to showcase our keen skills.  If you scroll through our staff bios you will find an impressive list of project resumes.

Knowing that our individual work has an effect on our coworkers acts to strengthen not only the interpersonal bonds within the company, but also inspires brilliant work.  We put our building enthusiasm to the test every day and offer our high level of knowledge and passion to clients on every project that we undertake.  Whether our guys are building a bank on the main square in Jackson Hole or constructing a mountain lodge nestled away in Big Sky, we put our hearts and souls into every project.

Employees at Teton Heritage Builders understand and value the importance of a great finished product.  Now it should be no wonder why Teton Heritage Builders has been building legacy homes in the Northern Rockies since 1996.